Total Restaurants: 3936
Restaurants for sale: 12
Restaurants for lease:  2


Q: How much does it cost to search restaurants for sale or restaurants lease?

A: Free.

Q: Do I need to disclose my personal information?

A: Your contact information is used for registration and communication from or its parent company and is not provided to any other parties such as landlords, brokers or sellers without your permission.

Q: What is the difference between and other property listing websites?

A: researches and maintains current information for restaurants for lease and sale in the most popular neighborhoods in the Los Angeles market.

Q: How come some addresses are not displayed?

A: Some listings are confidential and require a signed non-disclosure agreement.

Q: How can I see the inside of the restaurants?

A: Email or call the contact person listed on the top right side of the listing. Do not speak with any employee’s or neighbors without first   contacting the listing agent or seller/landlord.

Q: How can I submit an offer to purchase or lease a restaurant?

A: One of our preferred restaurant real estate advisors or attorneys can help.


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